Angry Birds Blast Island


A fun new 'Match 5' with your favorite Angry Birds


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Angry Birds Blast Island is a new game from Rovio that steps away from the traditional concept of the games of the saga. Instead, what this new title offers is an experience closer to what you'd get from playing 'Homescapes' or 'Gardenscapes.' What this means is, your mission is to rebuild a beautiful mansion and to do so, you need to solve tons of puzzles.

The gameplay in Angry Birds Blast Island is simple. Basically, you just have to tap groups of five or more like-colored balloons to pop them. If you pop more balloons at one time, you can create special 'power ups' to help you wreak even more havoc.

Your goal is different in each and every one of the over 500 levels. In some, you have to pop a certain number of colored balloons, while in others you have to get rid of the evil green pigs or collect a series of objects.

Angry Birds Blast Island is an incredibly entertaining casual game. Although the gameplay is pretty similar to the previous Angry Birds Blast, this new installment offers an extra management aspect along with fun new visuals. The game also has some really impressive graphics, but of course, we'd expect nothing less from Rovio.
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Requires Android 4.4 or higher